PD Chair

HSC ATA Local #5 PD Chair Duties

  1. Co-host/plan ATA Induction and New Teacher Luncheon
    1. Invitations & RSVPs
    2. Arrange ATA Presenter
  2. PD Fund Claims
    1. Collect and process claim forms
    2. Drop off to bookkeeper
    3. Collect and process reimbursement cheques
    4. Deliver cheques to teachers
    5. Receive and process sub cost invoices from the Board
  3. Update and share PD Policy and PD Fund Claim Form
  4. Collect and process Specialist Council Grant applications and claims
  5. Promote PD
    1. HS4 Facebook page
    2. Email updates to PD Council School Rep’s and CEC teachers
  6. Maintain accurate staffing lists
    1. Coordinate information from the Board, each school, the PD Fund bookkeeper, the email tech., ATA Provincial
  7. Attend TBAC (Teacher Board Advisory Council) – 2/year
    1. Present PD-related successes, concerns
    2. Share how teachers are using PD Fund money
  8. Attend HSC ATA Local #5 Executive Council meetings – 1/month
  9. Attend HSC ATA Local #5 Local Council meetings – 1/month
  10. Facilitate PD Council meetings – 2/year
  11. Assist in planning Divisional PD Day – 2/year
    1. Led by Director of Curriculum, Lorelie Lenaour
  12. Attend Zone 6 Curriculum Coordinator meetings – 2/year in Lethbridge or Medicine Hat
    1. Gather and share-out information presented by AB Ed and partners
  13. Attend PDAC (ATA PD Area Conference) – 2/year in Edmonton or Calgary